Our team are:

CE1EW Marco Team Leader

Marco, ex CE6TBN, CE1TBN He has activated more than 15 diferent Islands for IOTA Program , highlighting as SA-032, SA-053, SA-094 (new one) and SA-098 very rare Peruvian IOTA. Team member of several Dxpeditions as CE0Z, XR0Y, 9N7MD, etc . Also operator from Many Contest as MM, M2, MS categorie in SSB, RTTY and CW (less), Also He have operated from HI3LT Loma del Toro Contest Station as a guest operator on 2 occasions. INDEXA life member, Mediterraneo DX Club Member #188 Member of CB1B Copayapu Contest teamHe

AB5EB Mike Co- leader

Mike is ER Physician Co-founder of Island Radio Expedition Foundation (IREF) Many IOTA activations, including: NA13, H74C, NA119, NA120 N5M, NA168, NA158, NA143, NA197, NA92, NA14, NA55, NA44, NA45, NA209 H75A, NA246,NA89 K5P, NA94 CY9M, VK9AR OC-216, VK9AR/6 OC-234, NA-82 N5C

W8HC Hal

Hal, W8HC was first licensed in 1967 but didn't became active as a DXer until the mid-1980's. He is #1 DXCC Honor Roll with 350 entities confirmed and 10-band DXCC. Hal enjoys being on the DX side of the pileup participating in several DXpeditions over the past 11 years including: NH8S, VK9WA, K5P, VP6R, 3Y0Z and KL7RRC. In the past year he was on the K7K activation of Kiska Island, JW0A, 9G4X, VP5/W8HC, KH8RRC and one of the remote members of the recent VP6A Ducie DXpedition using the Radio in a Box (RIB) technology. In addition to DXpeditions, he has operated from several locations locations around the world including 6 CQWW Contests from 4X. Hal currently serves as the Secretary-Treasurer of INDEXA.

XQ1KZ Nick

Nick Ex XQ1IDM is a well known CW operator, very active in CW, SSB and RTTY in every contest, setting many records throughout his vast career as a radio amateur. Member of many expeditions such as 3G1M IOTA SA-069, 3G1P SA-085, XR2T SA-086, XR1T SA-069 etc. Operator of many contest Team like 3G1B, CB1H, CE1W & CE1A . Member of CB1B Copayapu Contest team

XQ3SA Willy

Member of Radioclub Manquehue CE3BSQ, Radioclub de Chile CE3AA and Radioclub Peruano OA4O. from 2013, Activating OA4/XQ3SA from Lima-Perú and from 2020 as OA4DTU unti 2021. I'm an AMSAT Ambassador !!

XQ3SK Willy

Lover of contests and DX either in CW, SSB, RRTY and FT8-Ft4. I prefer to work in morse code. I worked with these Callsign: CE3KHZ, CA3KHZ, CO2MHZ,CO2UG and CM2UG. I have participated in multiple competitions, with my callsign or as a member of special stations. Member of CB1B Copayapu Contest team

HA1AG Zoli

Well know Dxer. IOTA fan, CW operator

NP4G Otis

Licensed 1997 ​ Dxpeditions: CE0Y/NP4G, NP4G/VP9, NP4G/PJ7, A60EXPO, Bouvet Dxpedition 3y0j Contest: K3LR, NP4Z/ KP3Z ​ Director INDEXA, Caribbean and SA Representative ​ Member: Puerto Rico Amateur Radio League, ARRL, Los Chachos Contest Club

N5KO Trey

First licensed in 1974, Trey is an avid CW contester and part-time DXer. You may have worked him during one of the following operations: ZP0Y (1990, 1991), HC8N (1992-2009), ZL9CI (1999), TX0DX (2000), 4W/N5KO (2000), VP8GEO (2002), and VP8THU (2002). A member of the Northern California Contest Club and the Boring Amateur Radio Club, Trey is one of the few operators to have been awarded 5BWAZ (all 200 zones) from two different continents.