Press Release

PRESS RELEASE #4 16/10/2023


The CB0ZA team is happy to announce a new operator joining our team. Mike Crownover, AD5A is our newest team member.
From Texas, along with his son Mike AB5EB, is excited to participate on this trip with his son and other team members. An avid IOTA ACtivator, Contester and DXer, Mike bring experience to our team and we are happy to welcome him aboard.
North America operators will meet December 7-10 in Florida at AD4ES QTH for equipment testing. This is an opportunity where we will be testing the radio equipment and antennas preparing for our upcoming shipment of equipment down to Chile.
Team members, N5KO, W8HC, NP4G, AB5Eb, AD5A and HI3R/ NK4DX will meet at the QTH of Chuck AD4ES. All of our gear has been constantly arriving in Florida and is now waiting at a storage facility until this day. This will be a great opportunity to for members to meet each other and start discussing advance planning and strategies. 
Thanks Chuck, AD4ES!

Press Release #3 21/08/2023

CB0ZA plans are way underway. We are happy to announce a new addition to our team. Hal W8HC as decided to join us for our expedition. Hal bring a lot of knowledge and expertise for Dxpeditions.
First licensed in 1967 but didn’t became active as a DXer until the mid-1980’s.  He is #1 DXCC Honor Roll with 350 entities confirmed and 10-band DXCC.  Hal enjoys being on the DX side of the pileup participating in several DXpeditions over the past 11 years including: NH8S, VK9WA, K5P, VP6R, 3Y0Z and KL7RRC.  In the past year he was on the K7K activation of Kiska Island, JW0A, 9G4X, VP5/W8HC, KH8RRC and one of the remote members of the recent VP6A Ducie DXpedition using the Radio in a Box (RIB) technology. In addition to DXpeditions, he has operated from several locations locations around the world including 6 CQWW Contests from 4X.  Hal currently serves as the Secretary-Treasurer of INDEXA.
We are happy to have him on the team and welcome him
CB0ZA team

Press Release #2 01/07/2023

We have been working on the selection of antennas and equipment. We want to put a good signal on all bands. Taking into account the place and space restrictions. We will have 4 stations on the air K3 and KPA500 will be the equipment we will use. SSB, CW and RTTY. Plus one station for FT8 and another for VHF.

Antennas  Tent #1 CW/RTTY

16/80/40m batle creek special

60m vertical

30m vertical

20/15/10 Spiderbeam

12/17 yagi

Antennas Tenet #2 SSB/FT8

80m upright

40m upright

20/15/10 Spiderbeam

12/17 yagi

The terrain has the last word. However this is our antenna plan

Press Release #1 01/06/2023

In February of 2024 10 operators will activate CB0ZA from Robinson Crusoe Island (IOTA SA-005) in the Juan Fernandez Archipelago. The team consist of Nick XQ1KZ, Pablo CE1KV, Willy XQ3SA, Willy XQ3SK, Mike AB5EB, Ez HI3R, Otis NP4G, Zoli HA1AG, Trey N5KO and Marco CE1EW (Team Leader). The team plans to operate from Juan Fernandez National Park CA-0022. The plan is to activate 2m through 160m (60m included) using SSB, CW, RTTY, FT8 and EME (6m and 2m). The dates of the operation are 13th-20th of February 2024.