Robinson Crusoe Is. Dxpedition

February 13 to 20, 2024


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CB0ZA plans are way underway. We are happy to announce a new addition to our team. Hal W8HC as decided to join us for our expedition. Hal bring a lot of knowledge and expertise for Dxpeditions.
First licensed in 1967 but didn’t became active as a DXer until the mid-1980’s.  He is #1 DXCC Honor Roll with 350 entities confirmed and 10-band DXCC.  Hal enjoys being on the DX side of the pileup participating in several DXpeditions over the past 11 years including: NH8S, VK9WA, K5P, VP6R, 3Y0Z and KL7RRC.  In the past year he was on the K7K activation of Kiska Island, JW0A, 9G4X, VP5/W8HC, KH8RRC and one of the remote members of the recent VP6A Ducie DXpedition using the Radio in a Box (RIB) technology. In addition to DXpeditions, he has operated from several locations locations around the world including 6 CQWW Contests from 4X.  Hal currently serves as the Secretary-Treasurer of INDEXA.
We are happy to have him on the team and welcome him
CB0ZA team

#61 Most wanted

Juan Fernandez are #61 in 100 DXCC Most Wanted List